Conference program


List of Accepted Papers:

  • Marius Wolfensberger and Kai-Florian Richter. A Mobile Application for a User-generated Collection of Landmarks
  • Masaki Murase, Daisuke Yamamoto and Naohisa Takahashi. On-demand Generalization of Guide Maps with Road Networks and Category-based Web Search Results
  • Maxwell Guimarães De Oliveira, Cláudio E. C. Campelo, Cláudio De Souza Baptista and Michela Bertolotto. Leveraging VGI for gazetteer enrichment: a case study for geoparsing Twitter messages
  • Stefan Funke, Simon Skilevic, Robin Schirrmeister and Sabine Storandt. Compass-Based Navigation in Street Networks
  • Bingjie Wei, Rodrigo Silva and Xin Wang. A Web-Based Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Data Visualization and Analytical System
  • Kostas Patroumpas. Spatial Selectivity Estimation for Web Searching
  • Shoko Wakamiya, Lamia Belouaer, David Brosset, Ryong Lee, Yukiko Kawai, Kazutoshi Sumiya and Christophe Claramunt. Measuring Crowd Mood in City Space through Twitter
  • Donia Zheni, Ali Frihida, Henda Ben Ghezala and Christophe Claramunt. A Semantic-based Data Model for the Manipulation of Trajectories: Application to Urban Transportation
  • Xu Zhong, Allison Kealy, Guy Sharon and Matt Duckham. Spatial Interpolation of Streaming Geosensor Network Data in the RISER system
  • André Fonteles, Sylvain Bouveret and Jerome Gensel. Opportunistic Trajectory Recommendation for Task Accomplishment in Crowdsourcing Systems
  • Antonio Cavalcante Araujo Neto, Ticiana Coelho Da Silva, Victor Aguiar Evangelista de Farias, Jose Antonio F. Macedo and Javam Castro Machado. G2P: A Partitioning Approach for Processing DBSCAN with MapReduce
  • Victor de Graaff, Dieter Pfoser, Maurice van Keulen and Rolf A. de By. Spatiotemporal Behavior Profiling: A Treasure Hunt Case Study